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Types of Collars

Martingale Collar

What is a martingale collar?

They were originally created for dogs with heads smaller than their necks, like greyhounds and other sight hounds. But over the years the martingale collar has become popular with most breeds. The are especially helpful for the escape artist dogs that can slip out of their collars when attached to a leash.

They are made with 2 loops, the smaller loop(show in red above) attaches to the leash with a d-ring and the larger loop goes around the dogs heads. Smaller loop tightens up just enough to prevent escape when the dog pulls, but not so much that is can choke the dog. When adjusted properly dogs are unable to escape or back-out of a martingale collar because of this feature. All martingale collars are made with nylon webbing,  a welded d-ring and 3 cast nickle plated slides, the martingale collar is a great choice for most dogs.

Slip-on Tag Collar (No Buckle)

A tag collar slips over the dogs head like a martingale, but it doesn't have the smaller loop that tightens when attached to a leash. It just has a welded d-ring for attaching tags and 2 slides. One of the slides is for adjusting the size and the other is in the place the plastic buckle would normally be.


Tag collars are good for dog's that wear harnesses or that only wear a martingale for walking and need a separate collar for their tags. Plus it doesn't have the bulky plastic buckle that might be uncomfortable for some dogs. These can be made in any width, however, the 3/4" tag collars are lighter weight and great to wear with harnesses or wider martingale collars. A tag collar is a safer alternative to a martingale collar, that your dog can wear while laying around the house.

Chain Martingale Collar

A chain martingale collar or half check chain collar works in the same way as a martingale collar, except the smaller loop is made of chain. These collars are a great alternative to a traditional choke chain collar, because it has the noise of the chain which is great for training, but adjusted properly, will not choke your dog.

I make these collars with an option d-ring on the side for attaching tags. I don't recommend the chain martingale collars left on dogs unattended or for everyday wear, but that is just my opinion. Would you want a chain on your neck all day long?

Also, the nickel plating on the chain will wear off on dogs with white coats, causing gray discoloring of their fur.

Plastic Buckle Collar

Your traditional "quick release" or "side release" plastic buckle collar. They are made with a nylon webbing, a welded d-ring for attaching tags, and a cast nickle plated slide for adjusting the size of the collar. These collars typically required for doggie daycare.

Metal Buckle Collar

Same quick release style as the plastic buckles, except made of aluminum or a special order steel buckle.